Injuries to Baby Teeth

Your child has suffered an injury to one or more of the primary/baby incisors. Please call if an injury occurs. Our answering service will contact us if it is after hours or a weekend. This sheet is intended to help you understand what you can expect to happen, plus what may occur that will indicate a less favorable course.

Expect the following:

1. Change in color of the tooth

This is essentially a bruising of the tooth, caused by injury to the tiny blood vessels inside the tooth.  The tooth may turn gray, usually they will lighten back up with time.

2. Looseness

The structures that support the tooth have expanded due to injury and swelling.  Eventually they will return to normal, tightening up around the tooth.

3. Bleeding and swelling

All injuries to tissue undergo certain reactions; bleeding and swelling are common.  They will improve with time.  Meanwhile use warm moist heat to decrease swelling (alternate with cold), and warm salt water to help soothe bleeding tissues.

4. Pain

Avoid pressures on the involved teeth; do not bite into things.  Children usually do not suffer much pain from injuries to teeth, and will avoid things that do hurt.  Children’s Tylenol can be used initially, likely won’t be needed soon after.

What to watch for:

Change in eating or sleeping habits

If something is out of the ordinary, especially as time since the injury increases, a follow up exam is appropriate.  Things like complaining when chewing or drinking something cold.

Gum Boils

If a pimple is seen on the gums, please notify us.  It will usually be seen up above (or below) a tooth, near the junction of the lips/cheek.
Increase in swelling, looseness, or pain
If any expected reactions become worse rather than better, please get re-examined.
If in doubt, don’t hesitate to call.